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Your AI soft skills assessment

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cost decrease per assessment


more predictive than traditional solutions


increase in diversity


scalable & remote

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Our AI equips organizations and individuals with data to make better HR and talent management decisions.
Hard skills can be learned and eventually become obsolete, while soft skills and potential are the ultimate drivers of performance.
Interviewing and training is often expensive and one-size-fits-none. With Virtuosis’ AI, the cost of these processes decreases while becoming highly customizable and data driven.
By creating a scientifically valid and debiased personality profile, our AI quantifies behavior and creates context for hiring and training. Virtuosis replaces fuzzy notes and implicit bias about soft skills and potential with explicit evidence certified by experts.

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How it works

Virtuosis analyzes analyzes your voice, your language, and facial expressions to predict soft skills.

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Profile set up

Select the soft skills and benchmarks you are interested in OR capture your own team on video and learn what makes your people and culture special. Our AI helps you identify gaps in your team.

Online assessment

Invite participants for a video assessment. You can record with your own tool or use ours.


AI insights

Get results and make informed decisions.

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AI-powered web app generating interpersonal skills reports

Zoom-like video call

Team collaborating environment

Easy and scalable set-up

Backed by scientific literature

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What you get

A comprehensive HR tool

Personalized reports

Skillset graphs

Team matching tools

Benchmarking functionalities

Privacy-focused & GDPR compliant

Cloud based

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Easy-to-understand reports for hiring managers and feedback for candidates, employees, and students.


A single unified experience that can be completed in less than 20 minutes
Dramatically increase recruitment efficiency by eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming assessment centers and evaluating candidates on job-relevant soft skills.


Adapt to the new reality by implementing a 100% virtual solution.


Upscale your workforce by allowing employees to access expertise in psychology in a cost-efficient manner.


Increase diversity with a scientifically valid and debiased profile.


Go beyond psychometric tests. Challenge your intuition with an objective view.

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Our advisors

Chiara Bersano

Chiara is an HRIS Executive for several global Fortune 500 enterprises and an advisor at SAP.

Bill McClain

Bill has over 20 years of experience as an HR director at Bungee.

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