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Unlock behavioral insights

from your video calls



cost decrease per assessment


more predictive than traditional solutions


increase in employee retention


scalable & remote


Our AI equips organizations and individuals with data to make better HR and talent management decisions.

Hard skills can be learned and eventually become obsolete, while soft skills and potential are the ultimate drivers of performance.

By creating a scientifically valid and de-biased emotion & personality profile, our AI quantifies behavior and creates context for managing & training.

Assessing personality & well-being are often expensive and one-size-fits-none. With Virtuosis’ AI, the cost of these processes decreases while becoming highly customizable and data-driven.


How it works

Virtuosis analyzes your voice to predict mood and communication skills.

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1. Profile set up

Select the parameters you are interested in.

2. Online assessment

Invite participants for a video assessment. You can record a regular team meeting or use our tools to schedule a 15mn session.

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3. AI insights

Get results and make informed decisions.