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The Answers You Need

What sorts of competencies are evaluated?

The video-based assessment evaluates “soft” competencies, like communication skills, leadership, stress tolerance...

Is it fair?

We take this question very seriously.  In fact, one of the main reasons we began developing our AI technology was to get a more objective view of soft skills, avoiding some of the unconscious human biases that all people, including recruiters and hiring managers, have. Our algorithms focus only on the most relevant soft skills which research has shown to be predictive of job performance. 
We are giving particular attention to making the algorithm as unbiased as possible by using the most diverse datasets.

What happens to the data?

Virtuosis stores the candidate's personal data based on the retention period chosen by the company. We automatically purge personal data when that company’s retention period expires. However, you can also request that your personal data be deleted at any point in the process.

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